Developer Vacancy

Siyandza is looking for a highly creative, passionate and experienced senior developer to join our innovative family.

Our vision is clear and we need to find that unique thinker and master builder to give it life to our vision. We believe that nothing is impossible, as there are always ways to design and deliver the best-fit solution for our customers; therefore we need that special someone (YOU) to take ownership, lead, create and help us develop a solid, secure and fully functional system.

You will work closely with our User Experience, Product and Operations Team to develop, test, iterate, improve and deliver reliable systems to our clients; These systems may range from a LMS, CMS to integrated mobile and desktop application.

You will be given the opportunity to develop an array of different functions, integrate individual applications into a single solution, solve complex problems and work in a transparent and supportive environment.

What We Need From You:

  • ◈ Strong understanding of Web Services.
  • ◈ Master skills in CSS, JS, PHP and SQL.
  • ◈ Experience successfully working with and deploying JSON, AJAX and Angular files.
  • ◈ Experience in both client and server-side development and technologies.
  • ◈ Comfortable and capable of creating, editing or re-factoring legacy CMS/LMS.
  • ◈ Understanding and ability to work with and write custom script for front-end technologies and frameworks, such as;

    1. ◈ HTML5, CSS3, Responsive Design.
    2. ◈ Material Design (CSS and JS).
    3. ◈ UIKIT / Bootstrap.
    4. ◈ jQuery / jQueryUI.
    5. ◈ AngularJS.

  • ◈ Ability to pick up any robust open source platform and implement customisations, develop new functions/modules and integrate them with other platforms with ease.
  • ◈ Build custom components and applications that will integrate with our systems.
  • ◈ Utilise a variety of API’s to deliver functional design customisations.
  • ◈ Own the testing and debugging process.
  • ◈ Ensure the stability and security of electronic resources and data is maintained.
  • ◈ Design and develop viable relational databases.
  • ◈ Use OOP and PHP / frameworks to design, build, integrate and implement CMS, LMS, Communication, Social and Gamification platforms or applications.
  • ◈ Produce, modify, maintain online solutions or third party applications using a variety of technologies.

  • Required Experience:

  • 4 – 8 years’ experience in PHP and SQL development.
  • 3 – 5 years’ experience in Front-End Development.
  • 2 – 3 years’ experience in API’s and Web Services.
  • 2 – 3 years’ experience in CMS, LMS and Gamification.

  • Qualifications:

    B.Sc. or National Diploma in Software Development.

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