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Evolution Learning Platforms

Built with passion & intuition in mind, the Evolution Enterprise Learning Platform (EELP) is designed to make learning fun & productive
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Training Management

Comprehensive management of company wide training programmes, ensuring alignment with strategic objectives

Student Administration

Accurate student progress tracking from registration to completion

Certification Management

Automatic generation and storage of course and programme certificates, once all assessment criteria have been met

Competencies Management

Outcomes based learning is linked to the required competencies for each job in the organisation, ensuring that training is relevant

Curriculum Management

Flexible curriculum structures enabling individual courses to be linked to a range of programmes, training outcomes and competencies

Assessing and Resulting

Online self-assessment and tutor-assessment, with options to upload supporting documents and create portfolios of evidence

Student Reporting

Full reporting engine incorporating standard and customised reporting at an individual, course and organisational level

Scorm Playability

Ability to upload and play SCORM files, ensuring interactive e-learning is facilitated

Learning Object Management

Ability to create and publish a variety of assessments, teaching and evalutation learning objects to create an holistic learning experience

Self Directed Learning

Flexible course structures, on-line learner support and access to electronic course related resources enable demand-driven, user-defined learning

Content Authoring and Publishing

Using a robust content creator to generate dynamic segments of information across courses, assessments, news and manage documents within the platform

Communication Management

Dynamic communication portal for one-on-one and group-based two-way discussions forums and informal chats

Evolution Enterprise Learning Platform

A fully integrated organisational learning platform designed to bring organisational learning strategies to life, aligning outcomes, competencies, courses and assessment. The EELP integrates with workflow and payroll systems, easily linking to core organisational processes. Welcome to the next generation of online learning.

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Evolution Lite Learning Platform

A lite learner management system, designed for cost-effective ease of access to online-learning and basic user reporting. Siyandza’s modular approach enables upgrading to the full Evolution ELP at any time.

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E-Commerce and Platform Integration

Our e-commerce engine provides a virtual marketplace for your business, including integration with payment gateways, comprehensive invoicing and detailed analytics. Integrate our Evolution ELP and E-Commerce engine to maximise your e-commerce and online presence.

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Siyandza Services

Taking your digital experience to new heights
User Experience Content Production Strategic Services Digital Marketing

User Experience

We believe that a great user experience extends the longevity of our products and services; therefore we understand the importance of redesigning our experience with the correct optimisations and implementation. We do this by conducting effective research, innovation, testing our ideas and implementing what works.

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Content Production

Meaningful, effective, quality assured instructional design and content production is at the heart of our business. We understand the importance of content creation, conversion and the delivery of e-learning content that is fit-for-purpose. Work with us to enhance and implement your online learning experience

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Digital Marketing

We offer digital marketing services aimed at bettering the conversion of your goals. Our digital marketing services range from Search Experience Optimisation, Social Media, Content Optimisation, PPC, Analytics, SMS and Email marketing. Let us assist you in better directing your efforts

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Strategic Services

We work with multiple organisations and learning institutions to evaluate, identify and address various learning, knowledge and engagement strategies, fit for purpose. Work with us!

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Content Production and E-Learning Conversion

With consultative services to assist the client with the development of a training strategy that is defined by the 70, 20, 10 training principle. The objective is the development of a long term training and development strategy.

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